Sewing for kids is something I’ve really fallen into love with over the last year. Growing up, most of the options available for sewing came from the local fabric store. After purchasing a $15 sewing pattern that, let’s be real, lasted maybe two times if you took excellent care of it, the confusing sizing that never lined up with street sizing, complicated instructions, and being unable to find attractive knits for under $10 a yard, sewing just wasn’t something that was a practical option for me. So, even though I loved sewing, it went on the back burner for many years. That is until this January when I stumbled upon a pattern line that are size adaptive, easy to sew, and cost effective with styles I actually want to see my kids in. Here’s a list of pattern companies I love and know you will too!

Violette Field Threads

This adorable reversible dress comes from the Violette Field Threads catalog! It’s the Olive dress and I’ve made it at least a dozen times, along with the Ginger, Kennedy, Isobel, Matilda, and Piper . The reversible option is amazing for sensory kiddos since every seam is concealed with it’s fully lined design. You can spruce it up with buttons or ribbon ties (my kiddo loves the tie option since it looks like a “princess”). You can find their patterns here. They just released their back to school pattern collections and I’m tempted to get more patterns!

Made by Jack’s Mum

I stumbled across Made by Jack’s Mum’s patterns when I was looking for a toddler underwear pattern and their freebie “speedy pants” is an amazing resource! The everyday wear patterns she creates are so simple to sew, stylish, and have just about every customization option you could want. This jacket is the Cottesloe Cowl and it’s quickly become one of my favorites patterns to whip up for a birthday gift or for more jacket options. The fabric I used here is part of the Doodles collection at JoAnn Fabrics. You can find Made by Jack’s Mum here.

Ellie and Mac

If you haven’t discovered Ellie and Mac, they are an incredible resource for knit patterns as well as more contemporary styles. This Grow With Me Pajama Pattern is currently in the freebie section of their web-store. While I don’t currently have a picture of my child modeling the pattern, it’s worth mentioning that they should be in your book mark list for pattern collections! You can find Ellie and Mac here.

As of writing this post, Ellie and Mac are currently offering a back to school 50% off sale!

I hope you gained some inspiration to get back to sewing! If you currently don’t sew and have always wanted to- stay tuned for an upcoming post on my favorite YouTube tutorials to start sewing!