As the seasons start to transition, our schedules change, the weather shifts, and I find that my self care changes as well. This fall especially, with full time homeschooling this year, I have to refill my cup a bit. Everything on this list is important to me, but not everything is a material item. If there’s a link I can share, items will be linked! Be sure to stop in the comments before you click out and share with me your favorite self care items this season! Now, let’s get into the good stuff!

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Changes in Routine

One of the largest shifts going into fall for me has been trying to go to bed earlier when my partner does, and waking up earlier. I know, I know, every mom blogger on the planet talks about this. But, as we move into winter, this is becoming more and more important for my mental health. Last year was a really tough one with anxiety and depression, so taking a few minutes to sit in the quiet before the kids are up is making a massive change in my reserves of energy, patience, and attention span. Also, as my side projects are getting bigger, I’m needing more lumped time to focus on what I want to accomplish outside of parenting and homeschooling. So, this has been a side benefit.

Another change in routine is holding off our home-school coursework until my youngest is down for her nap. It’s opened up a window of free play that we haven’t experienced in a long time. When we first started the school year, we were transitioning from breakfast (and morning basket) to free time (about 3 minutes) then directly into school until lunch. I’m finding by keeping that window (usually 9am-12pm) open for play and errands, we are making it to the park more, getting more outdoor time, and also facilitating more play between the girls. Also, my eldest is thoroughly enjoying the one on one time instead of my split attention. I realize the nap will not be a permanent part of our routine, but I’m going to enjoy it for as long as possible!


This is always the easiest part of self care right? Slap on a face mask and a new lipgloss and it’ll definitely improve your mood. I’ve been playing around with more drugstore items lately that really make me feel pampered, and I’d love to share them with you. But, remember, you don’t need any of this. If you’re searching for recommendations though, I’ve got you.

This set of Shampoo, Conditioner, and Scalp Scrub has been so enjoyable. The scent is hard to describe, it’s a true clean smelling, spa related scent. Not heavy in essential oils or fragrances, but I enjoy it none the less! Anymore, while I still love a good spa experience, I’m looking for something I can keep in the shower and have it not add 15 more minutes to my already 6 minute experience. I purchased this set at Ulta, but you can find it here!

So, this is a long time favorite, and you can probably set your clocks to when I’ll be walking into a Body Shop in early September and pick up a tub to last through the winter. My current scent is cocoa butter, but another all-time favorite is Almond Milk & Honey. It is so rich, non greasy, and the scents are so yummy but don’t make you smell like you’re entering 7th grade.

One of my all time favorite brands of facial masks has to be Peter Thomas Roth. They’re straight forward, always work, and make me feel at least 50% better about my skin. After having kids my skin became a hormonal mess, and I needed something concentrated and quick. These masks stay on 5-15 minutes. If you’ve never tried them before, I really recommend going for a sample kit like this one. Pumpkin Enzyme Mask is my go to for when my skin is congested and I need it to look bright and clear. Irish Moor Mud can make my skin look like I just got back from a spa day that included 16 hours straight of sleep. The jars are rather pricy, but even if I use it every week, they last me almost a year. I cannot recommend enough that you treat yourself with at least the sample set. It’s such a treat.

Glossier has been my go-to for easy, natural but better looking makeup since early spring. Some of my favorite products are Lid Star, Stretch Concealer, Boy Brow, Cloud Paint, and of course their skin tint. If you haven’t tried Glossier before, use my link to get 10% off your first purchase! Basically anytime you see me on Instagram or Facebook- I’m wearing Glossier!

I spent so much of the Spring reading self-help and non-fiction style literature, I’ve been reaching lately for poetry, self reflection, and more fiction themes. Right now I’m thoroughly enjoying Nocturnal by Wilder Poetry. Excellent Read.

Tea. It usually comes back in the fall, and I love a cup in the evenings. My current favorite is this Organic Holy Basil Tea from Trader Joes. It has a soft floral/herbal scent. Not as floral as a rose, lavender, or even lemon verbena. While you can’t purchase this exact tea on Amazon, here’s a link to a comparable one!

As we’ve been leaning into more art time in our school days, I decided to upgrade my watercolor pencils and stumbled across these beautiful linen covered watercolor pads. They’re such a joy to use and I love the fact that I have my own art supplies to bring out while my student is doing hers. If you haven’t purchased your own school supplies lately, highly suggest it.

I hope you found a little inspiration to go through your bathroom cupboard and mix up your self care, or to find a couple small rituals that mean something to you to spruce up your fall routine.