Growing up, I was obsessed with handwriting. By that, I don’t mean that I enjoyed handwriting, oh no- I thoroughly enjoyed learning to write in different fonts. I loved watching a person’s pen make loopy lowercase letters, spiky uppercase, even working out how Home Depot created such a chunky yet legible font that identified the personality of their company. I loved it all. So, when it came to handwriting courses as a student myself, I completed several. However, my favorite of all time is the Italic Handwriting Series from Getty-Dubay.

I should make it clear at the beginning that I don’t have any affiliation with this publisher. They don’t know I exist, however, if handwriting is difficult for your student, if they are dyslexic, dyspraxic, if they have difficulty with fine motor skills, I want to make a case that your handwriting course may not be helping your case.

As someone who didn’t have any problems with handwriting, there are a few reasons I loved this course. For one, the alphabet is logical. the letters work together in natural strokes and don’t feature curls, tails, or loops that are unnecessary. This means that when you progress into cursive writing, the letters naturally melt into each other for an even flow of the pencil or pen and creates a legible font.  Another reason I love this course is because it’s easy to learn even if you’ve already learned to write a different font. Even as an adult, I’ve enjoyed refreshing myself on the ease of their alphabet.

If you learned the traditional block printing or cursive from a school system (or standard curriculum) there are certain letters that I’m sure you’ve changed over time. For instance, a cursive B, F, or G can be difficult to read if the writer has a shaky hand, isn’t confident in their strokes, or if they bunch their letters together. That isn’t the case for Getty-Dubay. Both Barbara Getty and Inga Dubay have taught handwriting and caligraphy for well over a decade in addition to their experiencing teaching in elementary school. It’s hard not to fall in love with this course when you research how it came about and why there’s a need for it.

I probably should add at this point that each book is around $12 and comes with unlimited online printable options through their site that is accessed with your UPC code on the back of your book. I love customizing the printables with our sight words for the week, any letters we are struggling with, as well as practice in writing the student’s name.

Let’s say you’re now homeschooling and you’ve never liked your handwriting, they even have an adult course for you! It’s a small investment of time into something that greatly improves confidence and enjoyment for writing.

I hope this small love letter to this beautiful series will encourage you to take a look. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments!