My favorite places to shop for mid-size clothing (for me)

There’s a change that happens when you become a parent that I find a lot of other moms joke about, but it’s a very real predicament. Before I had kids, I basically knew my style and what I liked to wear. Then I had my first kiddo. And while I continued to wear my old closet and I had “got my body back”, it was an undeniable truth that my body shape had changed. Not only that, but my clothing needs (and lifestyle) had changed. Another huge change that occurred at that same time was the fact I worked full time in a workforce with a uniform up until my first was born. So, my closet was mostly black scrubs and Crocs to be quite honest. All of a sudden, I had had a new occupation, a new body (I quite honestly felt foreign in), and I wasn’t sure what exactly I was supposed to wear day to day. This can seem like quite a trivial thing, but when you add to the fact that you’ve just birthed a human, your body feels like it’s not yours currently, your days, nights, and sleeping schedules are all in flux- it feels like a pretty overwhelming time to reinvent your look.

By about 6 months postpartum I decided that I had a look. Jeans (usually skinny) and  a tee. Having a uniform made me feel like I knew who I was in my day to day and I had a default I didn’t have to overthink in the morning. Of course, Target was there for me with tees and jeans. And since I’m a mid-range girl (between misses and plus) I found some decent options there and at Old Navy.

After my second was born though, I really missed having an actual sense of style. But, the tricky thing about that- is I wasn’t sure where to shop. (Thankfully the Lularoe craze was coming down and we could stop looking like our legs were not only comfortable but also might be on drugs.)

Now, this is in no way a sponsored post, none of these brands or sites know who I am. But, if you’re stuck in an Old Navy, Target, and Amazon rut… I’d love to share some of my favorite sites for clothes shopping, and I’d love if you’d tell me some of yours in the comments! 


Aerie is a brand I just rediscovered in the past year. There are many reasons I’m a huge fan of their brand. One is their advertising message. I love that their models are a size XS to XXL, represent every shade, every size, disability, and their models are untouched. Personally, I love seeing a swimsuit or bralette on a person with stretchmarks. I love seeing leggings modeled by a person who uses a wheelchair. Their quality is on par, sales are great, and I love the style. This isn’t a great fit if you truly are in “plus size” since sizing stops at XXL, but when I want to feel comfortable, trendy but myself. I love this brand.


Henly is another brand I’ve only discovered in the past year or so. Their style is very livable, comfortable, and effortless. I really appreciate the detail they put into their sizing. Just about every item gives you actual measurements for sizes offered in each item. I cannot tell you how useful this is as a mid-size girl who can fit anywhere from a Medium to XXL depending on the brand or item at most stores. Plus, they always offer free shipping, and their clearance section is impressive. If you haven’t given them a look, check them out.

Piper & Scoot.

Piper and Scoot is a little higher in price range than Henly but has very similar style. I love that they feature clothing items that are not distinctly post-partum or nursing focused but rather are nursing-friendly if you are breastfeeding. Again, they always offer free shipping and I love that their style is livable but still has a sense of self. 

Other Go-To’s.

And at the end of the day, there’s a reason Old Navy and Target are our go-to’s. Both are body positive, offer a range of styles, and have easy fit. I won’t begrudge either for a good tee or pair of shorts (let alone one of their rompers!).

What about you? Where do you shop? Has your style changed? I’d love to hear in the comments below. 

​Hugs mama.

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