In a society that is always looking for the next fresh start, how do we prioritize fortifying our current path?

Recently, I read a quote saying that if we are always waiting for the weekend, we will miss out on 5/7th’s of the joy in our life. As we turn into a new decade, a new year, a new month, I find that my seasonal rhythms are starting to expose just how often we are looking for something new. A new school year! A fresh start. A new year! A fresh start. Finally, the sun! A fresh start. It’s Monday! A fresh start. Always, we need a fresh start.

I’m not immune to this of course, so I’ve been contemplating for myself what this year will mean to me. If I have any new intentions. And, ultimately, I decided- I don’t. Now, before you click off the page because I’m a pessimistic housewife who doesn’t find joy in renewal, just listen for a second.

In September, I set out to accomplish a few things; to fortify our family rhythm, to encourage self development in both my children through schooling or activities, to create a more solid financial foundation, to safeguard my mental and emotional health by simplifying our schedule, and to prioritize family experiences in the upcoming year. None of these goals are obsolete. In fact, I’m still as passionate about them now, as I was in September. The difference though, is that I’ve grown with them in the past 4 months. Our schooling has dramatically changed since we started in September. We are fully embracing an unschooling approach to our daily schooling and we center our days around rhythm instead of curriculum work. We’ve prioritized unstructured playtime every day of the week for self development for both of the kids. I’ve been working on creating a life I love instead of one I can’t wait to start.

So, what have you started in the past year that you’d like to fortify? What have you learned that will transition you into the new year? Finding joy is a skill. I truly believe that the vast majority of us struggles to find joy in the day to day and not get caught up in waiting for the next change. But, in this season of life, change is always imminent, and my children are forever growing in front of my eyes. So, I hope you’ll join me in dwelling in the now and finding peace and joy in carrying on with your growth through the new year. Because, life is worth being present in both now and later.