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You won’t have to look long on the blog to find an ode to my coffee cup. I love a cup of coffee. I also have a deep love for London Fog Lattes. While you can pick one up at your local coffee shop pretty easily, you more than likely already have the ingredients at home. And with my hacks, you don’t need to steam your milk to create that perfect cup of something warm and delicious.

While I used to keep a full espresso machine with milk steamer on my counter, over the years that espresso machine has become a Nespresso, and that steamer has become a Nespresso Aeroccino. While I do love this piece of equipment, I hate cleaning it (with a fiery passion I might add). Not to mention, it’s pricey and not everyone has one on their kitchen counter. Enter the cold infusion. By giving the tea bag a little time to infuse into the cold cream, you get that double flavor expression of the fat extracted flavors and the water extracted flavors. Start to cup in my hand, this recipe typically takes me less than 10 minutes (depends how much time I let the milk infuse and how long I let it steep). Let’s get to business and make the beautiful London Fog Latte.

If you’re interested in seeing a video tutorial on this recipe, be sure to check it out here!

Gather Supplies:

For this recipe, you will need:

  • A mug
  • Earl Grey (or another black tea) either in sachets or loose in an infuser
  • Cream or Milk of some type
  • A sweetener or flavored syrup of your choice (You can find the Monin Lavender here)

Step One: Cold Infusion

In my cold mug, I took one tea back and measured out 1.5 Tbsp of fat free half and half and then swirled the bag around in the cream. I then left it on the counter to infuse for 3-4 minutes. You can leave it longer or for less time, whatever works for you.

Step Two: Steep

Before we add our hot water, I’m going to add 1 Tsp of Monin Lavender Syrup to the cream/tea bag infusion. For me, this is the right amount of sweetness and flavor, but you may want to adjust it to taste. I like things on the less sweet side so this is a conservative measurement for sweetness. Remember as well that you can add anything for sweetness at this step, Maple Syrup, Vanilla Bean Syrup, or even another flavor of Latte Syrup would be great. If you want to simply sweeten the drink, simple syrup or some Turbanado or brown sugar would be great too!

We are ready to steep our infusion! Go ahead and fill your mug with as much water as you’d like. I tend to add 8-10 oz to my mug with these proportions and I like that mixture. Again, it’s all to taste.

At this point, this is what your drink should look like! Go ahead and steep the tea bag in the cream and hot water mixture for about 3-5 additional minutes!

Step Three: Enjoy

Have fun playing with the recipe! It’s such a fun one to mix up. I especially love this drink first thing in the morning if I have some quiet time before the kids wake up, or for late in the evening to enjoy with some peace.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post. Let me know in the comments below what flavor combinations you’ve enjoyed and how you liked the recipe!