As we enter the magical world of October, Apples definitely come to the forefront in our kitchen time, our nature adventures, and family trips to seek out fresh apple cider in local apple orchards.

I love being able to incorporate our family interests into a simple unit study that can either be the focus for a week, it can be incorporated into your morning basket (if you haven’t experienced my free 5 day eCourse on morning baskets, enroll here!) or you can spread it out over a month.

Before you leave this post be sure to comment below if you have any favorite books or resources about apples!

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Things to Watch

While this video is for a mature preschooler through elementary grade school student, the images are beautiful and it doesn’t oversimplify concepts. I enjoy how much footage is taken in a family farm and it shows the life of an apple tree.

If you don’t live near an apple orchard, this video is a simple tour of what would typically be found at an orchard. While the host is energetic, she won’t drive parents crazy. This would be more entertaining for a younger preschool student than the first one.

This video by Lisette Andreani is a video book of How Do Apples Grow by Betsy Maestro. It is entertaining, quickly paced and science based. My child really enjoyed watching this video, and she’s watched it several times since. It’d be great to check out this book from the library and have your child follow along if they’re a new reader!

Things to Read

How Do Apples Grow by Betsy Maestro

Speaking of the last video, if you are looking to expand your library with early introductions to natural sciences, this book is a great place to start. I love that it’s such an approachable and beautiful format.

How Do Apples Grow by Jill McDonald

How Do Apples Grow by Jill McDonald is a great introduction to natural sciences for a very young preschoolers. The illustrations are fun and inviting and it is clear while still being simplified. This entire “Hello, World” series is a great series for young preschoolers!

Ten Red Apples by Pat Hutchins

Pat Hutchins has been a favorite children’s author of mine since I was a child myself. This book is focused around apples but incorporates a lot of counting and mental math. It’s such a fun one to read with your children and the illustrations are bright and colorful.

Apple Picking Day by Candice Ransom

This is such a fun family adventure that centers around the relationship of a brother and sister as they celebrate the beginning of Autumn with visiting an apple orchard. It’s a step one reader so the story is simple and great for early readers. The illustrations really draw you into the story and are uncluttered to further the simple story line.


If you’re looking for an excellent resource for sensory doughs, be sure to check out Jaclyn’s post with a recipe for Apple Cinnamon Playdough!

Susie’s post on setting up an apple wash station is such a good one. You will probably find that you already have the materials at home, so this is a great impromptu activity!

Stacey at Glued To The Crafts outlines this fun sensory bin that is focused around apples! It’s inexpensive to make, and promises lots of fun for your little.

While the possibilities are endless when it comes to stories and content, this is a great jumping point to explore this topic with your child. Happy apple studies!