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This selection of posts focus on our own family's experience with specialized sensory and autistic needs. We will talk candidly about accessibility tools for young children as well as meeting sensory needs of parents as well.

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    Finding and Enjoying Sensory/Autism Friendly Events

    What Is a Sensory Friendly Event? There are a lot of aspects of life that becomes more challenging when you become a parent. Things like, oh, grocery shopping for instance. I never realized before having children how much planning, preparation, and effort could go into getting two kids into a vehicle with their clothing on and basic needs met, drive them to a store, get into the store in a semi-organized fashion, effectively shop for the family’s needs amidst meltdowns, desperation to get out of said cart, and trying to purchase everything within reach, and then load the same children (hopefully still dressed with basic needs met) into the car…

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    Our Favorite Sensory Friendly Clothing

    I’m beyond excited to partner as an affiliate with Primary Clothing on this post. If you choose to use the banner attached, you will receive 20% off your first order with Primary and at the same time keep my blog up and running. I want you to know that I only am partnering with Primary because this brand is one we legitimately love and has made all the difference in dressing our sensory girl. Hugs mama! Dressing a Toddler is Hard Dressing a tactile sensitive toddler can feel isolating and like you’re losing a battle that you don’t know the rules to. My kiddo doesn’t give verbal cues when she’s…

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    Deep Pressure Clothing for Sensory Needs

    Before we begin, I want to remind you that I am not a medical professional, and in no way am offering a diagnosis or treatment plan for you or your child. This post centers on sensory assistive tools that have been helpful for us and steps we’ve taken to save money on these items. All products used were purchased with my own money, although there are some affiliate links to National Autism Resources. If you choose to use any of those links to make a purchase, the funds generated help keep this blog up and running. Thank you! It’s 2019. It’s a great time for assistive gear Simple products that…