I’m so glad you’re here.

My name is Miranda and I’m excited to let you in as we talk about topics surrounding parenting, neurodivergence, homeschooling, and raising empowered children through respectful parenting.

Parenting is the only job where you are given zero training, told to follow your instincts, yet society questions each of your instincts and you are judged heavily no matter how you approach this job.

Your instincts are VITAL. That said, I’m an avid reader, researcher, ally, and believer in making informed decisions when it comes to every aspect of parenting.

Because we are always learning, sometimes we won’t get things right the first time. And that’s the beauty of continually educating yourself. It’s okay to double back, change paths, and continue forward.

Thank you for joining me on the blog today and I hope you find a tidbit that will inspire, encourage, and embolden you during your visit.